may 2022

photo: Dan Glenn at Deep Grass Graziers photo credit Chris Hunt

Guests: Dan Glenn, Steve Tucker and Cas Schwabe

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april 2022

photo: Water Dowsing Tools, photo credit David Yarrow

Guests: Drew Leitch, Brad Lancaster and David Yarrow

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march 2022

photo: Isbell rice farm, photo credit Isbell Farms

Guests: Chris Isbell, Sage Askin  and Paul Foland

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february 2022

photo: Otter Creek Farm, photo by Elizabeth Collins

Guests: Elizabeth Collins, Brian Vagg and John Herald

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january 2022

photo: field of chamomile flowers

Guests: John Wood, Dan Kittredge and Kat Maier

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december 2021

photo: Zambian bee keeper – Joshua Cook Photography @joshloveslight

Guests: Will Winter and Andre Houssney  

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september 2021

photo: rhino being saved from poachers


JOSH HOY – Flying W Ranch – visionary and innovative conservation practices on the tallgrass prairie  –

LANCE IRVING – Sand County Foundation 

ED WARNER – Radical conservationist and philanthropist