october 2020

karner blue butterfly thought to be extinct, but Siobhan’s regen efforts support wildlife diversity

Guests: Siobhan Griffin, P Mark Lopez

From herding 10 cows to owning the 1st organic dairy in New York, SIOBHAN GRIFFIN, followed nature’s “dots” leading her into regenerative and holistic animal management in New Zealand. Today Siobhan shares the wealth of her knowledge when it comes to grazing management techniques and how to build topsoil. https://www.facebook.com/next.level.grazing/

P MARK LOPEZ  took over his3rd generational conventional family operation and he moved the farm back to a pastured cows farm. Given his veterinarian background, Mark knows that the healthiest cows produce the healthiest milk and healthy cows live on pastures. http://www.tamans.com/wholesome-dairy. http://www.tamans.com/wholesome-dairy

One thought on “october 2020

  1. As a biased kiwi. Siobhan has shared not only her own humility and kindness but introduced me to many of her inspiring country side compatriots too. As shepherds in common, thank you for what you too are doing for the planet we all share. Go well.

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