december 2020

photo by Natalie Urminska: Kaua’i Food Farm

Guests: Don Heacock, Paul Massey and George Kahumoku

DON HEACOCK’s  farm, Kauai Organic Agroecosystems, is the epitome of sustainability.  He focuses on food and fiber security, and the restoration of ecological integrity, economic efficiency and social equity. Don’s farm also serves as an education center to promote healthy and wholesome island community living.

PAUL MASSEY is one of the original driving forces behind the conceptualization and implementation of the Kaua‘i Food Forest, a community agriculture operation with edible and medicinal plants. Paul also hosts and produces In The Garden On The Farm which airs on KKCR radio on Kaua’i.

The traditional Hawaiian farming culture (and that of it’s music) is in good hands with GEORGE KAHUMOKU. He has been regeneratively farming for over 50 years.  All are cared for and honored, the land, the water, the plants and  ohana; friends and neighbors alike.

Mahalo to Sherry Jakubik for the rainbow connection!



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