april 2020

photo of Adelaide, a Leicester Longwool sheep and her ram lamb, Isca, at home on Beau Chemin Preservation Farm


Johann Zietsman, Betsy Ross, JoAnn Myers and Ryan Walker

And thank you to Jacko, the lavender araucana cockerel, for the introduction. You can visit Jacko and other rare breeds at the Owl Farm in Wales.

JOHANN ZIETSMAN is a legendary cattle rancher/farmer from Zimbabwe, living in Zambia, and an internationally renowned consultant. His optimal land management and cattle production practices  are regenerative and achieve maximum, sustainable profit. http://profitableranching.com/

BETSY ROSS is a soil-food-web advisor with Sustainable Growth Texas, LLC. She analyzes land for clients and is dedicated to growing healthy soils for healthy plants, animals and people.  http://www.rossfarm.com/

JOANN MYERS and her husband, Wayne, have Beau Chemin Preservation Farm. They raise several endangered breeds of farm animals and poultry. 

RYAN WALKER is with the Livestock Conservancy. They protect endangered livestock and poultry breeds from extinction. They are the central hub for anything having to do with rare breed conservation in the United States.

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