may 2020

photo of Rancho El Yaqui, Chiapas, Mexico

Guests: Daniel Suarez, Bill Hodge and Trudi Kretsinger

DANIEL SUAREZ owns and manages Rancho El Yaqui in Chiapas, Mexico. He contributes internationally consulting on regenerative practices and recently started a world directory of and for regenerative ranchers. ***Oh! And since I forgot to ask Daniel his favorite steak, I wrote him and here is his reply – “A thick and fat Grassfed TOMAHAWK!!!” and www

BILL HODGE established Sustainable Genetics, LLC; a beef genetics marketing company dedicated to enhancing profitability in the production segment of the industry. His expertise in all things cattle is renowned.

TRUDI KRESINGER ran grassfed beef producing K W Farms in Alamosa County, Colorado and continues to support the industry. Her local work has an international reach.

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