august 2020

photo of Jose, Fundo Panguilemu  Patagonia Chile

Guests: Jose Manuel Gortazar, Alfredo Cunal Sendim, Heather D’Angelo

Patagonia, Chile is a paradise for sheep and sheep ranchers. And even more so since veterinarian and rancher, JOSE MANUEL GORTAZAR, brought holistic ranching practices to Chile.

The  practice of montado in Portugal is the ancient kin to regenerative agricultural practices. ALFREDO CUNAL SENDIM is living it’s relavance and many reap its rewards.

As HEATHER D’ANGELO developed her business, Carta Fragrances, her background in tropical ecology research kicked in. She supports regenerative growers to resource her plants and cofounded, the Coalition of Sustainable Perfumery to encourage a community of businesses to do the same.

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