july 2020

photo of Fowlsecombe Farm Devon England

Guests: Rosie Ball, Callum Edge and Sally Lee

With over 300 organic acres of pastures, Fowlsecombe Farm, established in 1537 and managed by Rosie Ball, is home to pedigree English Longhorn cattle, rare-breed Manx Loaghtan sheep and Tamworth, Oxford and Sandy Black and Mangalitza pigs. https://fowlescombe.com/

Standing on the shoulders of 5 generations of butchers, Callum Edge‘s artisan skills in butchering are just about beyond compare. http://www.edgebutchers.co.uk/

For over 40 years, Sally Lee, of Traditional Wirral Turkeys has been creating the gold standard for free range turkeys to grow and mature naturally. ¬†Sally’s turkeys are lovingly grown and expertly prepared¬† giving them the best possible quality and flavour. https://www.traditionalwirralturkeys.co.uk/

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