june 2020

photo of Alejandro Carrillo at Las Damas Ranch

Guests: Alejandro Carrillo, David Yarrow and Jeff Moyer

Rancher, Alejandro Carrillo, manages Las Damas Ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico and is a mentor for all regenerative ranchers. Alejandro listens as nature teaches the best way to manage the land, creating a rich environment for all of life in the desert.   http://www.pasticultoresdeldesierto.com/news.html

David Yarrow is a water angel and earth advocate extraodinaire. An intuitive steward for all of life, David benefits us all with his understanding that all natural systems work together.   http://www.dyarrow.org 

Jeff Moyer’s hands-on experience in organic agriculture and overall organic culture makes him perfectly suited to be the CEO of Rodale Institute and one of the folks spearheading the Regenerative Organic Certification movement.   rodaleinstitute.org




3 thoughts on “june 2020

  1. Fabulous show Robin! I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the interview with Alejandro. David Yarrow is an amazing font of wisdom from whom I learned so much. I had to stop and go back over some sections that were so interesting I wanted to be sure to understand and remember. Details about the photosynthesis process, minerals in the water, “extra skin” and “licks” were fascinating. I learned so much from him. Probably not going to practice stirring, except for my martinis, but that too was so enlightening and interesting to learn from. Makes so much sense, all of what he is sharing. Just really eye-opening.
    Jeff Moyers on regenerative ag was really good to hear, and good for self-reflection. Interestingly, like you, I had used the term “sustainable” in teaching green building. My class from 2010-2015 was “The Sustainable Built Environment”. Started incorporating Regenerative into it in the end, as building these days more than ever needs to incorporate regenerative principles to deal with climate disruption, among other things. So that whole conversation on ?regenerative” was interesting and relevant.
    Last but not least, you are a fabulous host and interviewer. Knowledgeable about each of the topics, with great questions and a pleasant voice that I could gladly listen to for a long time.
    Good work Robin!


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